Businesses, Agents and Trade Professionals

Information for Businesses, Agents and Trade Professionals including sponsorship details, information on Integrated Cargo System and obligations. ​


Airlines and air crew

Information and requirements for airlines and air crew

Employing and sponsoring workers

Includes information on sponsoring skilled workers as well as employing visa holders currently in Australia.

Travel for business

Includes information on APEC Business Travel Cards, conferences and events, prohibited and restricted imports.

Panel physicians

Includes information on panel physicians.

Cargo support

Includes information on the Integrated Cargo System and changes to processes and policy.

Complying with your obligations

Includes information on how to comply with your obligations.

Customs notices

Includes information on Australian Customs Notices and other advices.

Tariff classification of goods

Provides guides and policy about the tariff classification of goods and the tariff concessions gazette.

Cost recovery

Includes information on how cost recovery is implemented.

​Migration agents

Includes information on migration agents and agents gateway.

Duty rates and taxes

Information on exchange rates, assessment for duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other taxes and charges information.

Free trade agreements

Information on licensing for brokers, depots, warehouses and duty free operators.

Border News

The latest news trade and travel news from the Department


Licensing information for brokers, depots, warehouses and duty free operators.

Guide for duty free operators

Provides assistance for customs licensed duty free shops.

Engaging with industry

Information on how to stay up to date with the latest industry news and find out how you can get involved.

Paying an invoice to the Department

Information on what to expect and what to do when paying an invoice to the Department.

Education providers

Information for education providers about the student visa programme.

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)

An online service to check a person's visa entitlements.

Australian Trusted Trader

Information on the programme for industry partners, participation requirements and how to apply.

Importing and buying goods from overseas

Information on how to buy over the internet or import goods by post and clearing goods through customs.

Exporting goods

Includes information on exporters package to assist industry.

Doing business with the Department

Includes information on senate orders and the Department's fraud control policy.