Streamlined Visa Processing Arrangements

​​​​ Streamlined student visa processing arrangements are available for prospective international students with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from a participating provider at advanced diploma, bachelor, masters or doctoral degree level or for a non-award university student exchange or study abroad programme. 

Applicants that are eligible for streamlined student visa processing generally have reduced evidentiary requirements, similar to those that apply under Assessment Level 1, regardless of their country of origin.

Education providers partici​pating in streamlined visa processing

P​articipating education providers and their nominated educational business partners are available on the Comlaw website

Guidelines for participating providers

The guidelines below set out the requirements and obligations for participating providers unde​r the streamlined visa processing arrangements. Only students attending education providers that meet these guidelines will be eligible to access the streamlined visa processing arrangements. 
Guidelines for university participation in streamlined visa processing arrangements
Guidelines for education provider participation in streamlined visa processing arrangements

Applications from participating education providers

Education providers must make a formal application to be able to participate in streamlined visa processing arrangements. Copies of 'for publication' applications can be requested from the department.

Further information

Further information about streamlined visa processing and streamlined student visa processing is available.