Importing imitation firearms

The importation of imitation firearms is controlled under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (the Regulations). Importers must obtain permission to bring firearms into Australia.

Imitation firearms

Imitation Firearms are defined as a copy or reproduction or has the appearance of a firearm that could reasonably be taken to be a firearm. This can include goods such as ornaments and arcade or video game controllers.

Imitation does not include items that are or were capable of discharging projectiles by means compressed gas or explosive charge; however may include goods that discharge a projectile by other means for example, spring powered devices.

Imitation does not include deactivated firearms or blank-fire firearms. These goods are treated as firearms under the Regulations.

Importing imitation firearms

To import imitation firearms into Australia, police certification in the form of a B709A Form - Importation of Firearms – Police Confirmation and Certification Form is required.

Firearms dealers can also use a B709DA Form - Ongoing Importation by Firearms Dealer Police Confirmation and details of the goods to clear the consignment.

This form is issued by your State or Territory Police Service.

The original B709A Form must be presented to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection at the time of importation.

Firearms Dealers can present a copy of their B709DA as well as make, model and serial number information at the time of importation.

Obtaining permission to import

To obtain permission to import in the form of a B709A Form will need to contact your State or Territory Police firearms and weapons registry.

Contact details of the police firearms and weapon registries and the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department are available at Firearms and weapons.

Interchangeable parts and accessories

If any firearm part, accessory or magazine can be removed from the imitation firearm and used on a real firearm, then in order to import that part, accessory or magazine will require separate police certification or written permission to import from the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s prior to importation.

See Importing firearm parts and accessories for further information.


The maximum penalty for importing these goods without the relevant import permission is a penalty not exceeding $450, 000, imprisonment for 10 years, or both.

Exporting imitation firearms

Imitation firearms are not controlled on export out of Australia.