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Implementation of Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader is being implemented in a phased approach starting with limited participation to test and refine processes before it is opened more broadly. Participation in the pilot phase is by invitation only to ensure that we can implement and test new processes across different industry sectors, and explore the range of benefits and enhancements that might be offered.

Pilot phase

The pilot phase began on 1 July 2015 and involves a small selection of invited exporters and their service providers.

The pilot phase is being rolled out in stages to allow us to effectively manage and test the new processes across different sectors, and gain knowledge and experience to support the further development of the Australian Trusted Trader.

The stages of the pilot phase:

  1. Focuses on export supply chains and sea cargo, and involves the following export companies and their supply chain service providers (including forwarders and logistics and transport providers):
    • Boeing Aerostructures Australia
    • Devondale Murray-Goulburn
    • Techwool Trading
    • Mondelez Australia.
  2. Broadens the scope to include invited importers and their supply chain operators. It also includes air cargo consignments for both exporters and importers.
  3. Opens Australian Trusted Trader to additional invited businesses to assist us in finessing our requirements and procedures across additional sectors and ports.

There is no fixed duration for each stage. Once we are satisfied that Australian Trusted Trader, the pilot participants and their supply chains have effective processes in place and are operating efficiently, the next stage of the pilot phase will commence.

From 1 July 2016, it is intended that Australian Trusted Trader will be fully operational and open to all participants in the international trade supply chain.