Businesses, Agents and Trade Professionals

Participation and accreditation

Currently, Australian Trusted Trader is only operating in a pilot phase and industry participation is by invitation only. It is anticipated that the programme will be fully operational from 1 July 2016, at which time we will welcome the submission of online expression of interests from industry via a new online portal we’re developing.

Australian Trusted Trader will be available to all Australian Business Number (ABN) holders that are actively involved in the international supply chain. This includes importers, exporters, domestic or international freight companies, ports, airports and brokers.

Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary programme and there is no requirement to join. However, there are additional benefits available to Trusted Traders who use other accredited businesses in their supply chain activities; such as trusted transport companies or brokers. In this way, trusted importers and exporters might favour using trade intermediaries who are also Trusted Traders.

The accreditation process

The accreditation process is the same for all businesses seeking Trusted Trader accreditation. However, any work required to meet accreditation standards might differ, depending on your role(s) in the international supply chain and specific circumstances.

When fully operational, the process for becoming accredited under Australian Trusted Trader will involve:

  1. Submitting an online 'Expression of Interest' form.
    This form will allow us, along with a business, to undertake a preliminary assessment of their eligibility to participate in Australian Trusted Trader. The Expression of Interest form is currently not available for completion as the pilot phase is open to invited participants only.
  2. Completing a self-assessment to see how their business meets the supply chain security and trade compliance criteria of Australian Trusted Trader.
    A PDF copy of the Australian Trusted Trader self-assessment questionnaire and explanatory notes is available to provide an indication of the programme’s requirements. Elements might still be refined through our pilot phase.
    An online portal will be ready for 1 July 2016, enabling businesses to apply online. This portal will also enable Account Managers to tailor the questionnaire to only include the elements relevant to each business’ supply chain activities.
  3. Our review of the Australian Trusted Trader self-assessment questionnaire documents.
    When we are satisfied that a business meets the qualification criteria of Australian Trusted Trader, an agreement can be entered into with the business. The agreement will apply an interim Trusted Trader status on the business and provide them with limited benefits. An interim Trusted Trader status will stand until a physical validation of the business occurs.
  4. Physical inspection and audit of a business' supply chain security and trade compliance standards.
    We will conduct a physical inspection to verify the information supplied in each Australian Trusted Trader self-assessment questionnaire.
    When we are satisfied that a business meets the supply chain security and trade compliance standards, the agreement is varied and the business receives ongoing Trusted Trader status. Further benefits will also be available for businesses at this stage.

As part of ongoing Trusted Trader status, businesses must continue to meet the qualification criteria of Australian Trusted Trader and will be subject to ongoing management by us, including periodic revalidation.