Tariff Concessions Gazette

The Commonwealth of Australia Tariff Concessions Gazette (the Gazette) gives legal effect to the creation of a number of instruments such as By-Laws, Tariff Concession Orders (TCO's), TCO Revocations and Determinations.

Objectors to the making of a TCO are not identified unless the objection is successful.

At least 50 new Tariff Concession Orders (TCOs) are made each month. When a new TCO is made, it is published in the Commonwealth of Australia Tariff Concession Gazette.

The Gazette is published by us each Wednesday.

To have the gazette emailed to you each week, send a request to tarcon@border.gov.au

Tariff Concession Gazette - current year

Tariff Concession Gazette - previous years

Previous year gazettes are available at Tariff Concession gazette - archive.