Should I contact the Entry Operations Centre (EOC) to link a new passport?

Yes. Once the details of an unknown travel document are updated in our systems, the airline will cease to receive a 'Contact EOC' response. This will continue for the life of the document as long as the passenger presents that document when departing Australia.

When an Australian dual national’s travel documents are linked, the Advance Passenger Processing (APP) system will detect this at arrivals and/or departures check-in.

Ensuring that a passenger’s travel document details are up to date and correct at check-in will facilitate faster processing through SmartGate and speedier arrival at the boarding gate.​​

The airline should advise the EOC/BOC if the passenger has an old/new passport, provide the new issue and expiry date and if the client has a different name on the new passport provide the new name to the EOC/BOC.