If I have submitted a paper visa application can I import it into my ImmiAccount?

If you have lodged a paper visa application for one of the following subclasses and it is still being processed you might be able to import it into ImmiAccount:

  • Resident Return visa (subclasses 155 and 157)
  • Working Holiday visa (subclass 417)
  • Skilled - Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)
  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)
  • Independent ELICOS Sector visa (subclass 570)*
  • Schools Sector visa (subclass 571)*
  • Vocational Education and Training visa (subclass 572)*
  • Higher Education Sector visa (subclass 573)*
  • Postgraduate Research Sector visa (subclass 574)*
  • Non Award Sector visa (sub​class 575)*
  • Visitor visa (subclass 600)
  • Protection visa (subclass 866)
  • Temporary Protection visa (subclass 785)
  • Safe Haven Enterprise visa (subclass 790)

* Primary applicant only.

To import your paper application you will need to enter your application ID, date of birth and an travel document number (ImmiCard, passport or Titre de Voyage number).

The Application ID is recorded on your acknowledgement letter.

Note: If the Application ID begins with 'IRIS', you will not be able to import the application.

A Quick Reference Guide on how to import a paper application is available from the ImmiAccount page.​