I receive a security reference message when trying to access my EOI in SkillSelect. What can I do?

Please note the below error message may appear if your browser is not compatible with SkillSelect.

There was a problem with the specified user account. Please contact your security contact. (Reference : f22a7e81-0e68-45a7-ba0a-f87b11cde24d )

Please try to access your EOI using another browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and another device.

If using another browser and device to access your EOI still results in you receiving this security reference message then please reset your password using the “Forgotten Password” link and the answers to your security questions.

This message can also mean that you have entered the wrong password more than five (5) times and locked your EOI. If you are unable to access your EOI, after trying to reset your password an using different browsers you will need to create a new EOI. If you would like your locked EOI removed from SkillSelect please request this using the contact form.

Please be aware that SkillSelect Technical Support Helpdesk staff cannot unlock your account, reset your password or provide the answers to your security questions.

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