Can I use online forms in ImmiAccount to update my details?

The following online forms are available in ImmiAccount:

  • Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient (including migration agent)
  • Change of address details
  • Change of email address details
  • Change of passport details
  • Notification of changes in circumstances
  • Notification of incorrect answer(s)

These forms should be used if you need to update details after your ImmiAccount application has been submitted.
Note: You can use the online 'Change of passport details' form to update your passport number, date of issue/expiry and issue authority/place only. If you need to update your name, date of birth or passport country you must use Form 929 - Change of address and/or passport details (89KB PDF). These online forms are available for all application types, excluding Australian citizenship by conferral and Australian citizenship by descent.

To access the forms, open your application in ImmiAccount by clicking on the Reference number of the application you want to update. This will open the application details page. From there, click on the ‘Update us’ link at left of screen.

If you are not able to use an online form, you can still access a range of fillable PDF forms from the 'Related links' section of your application in ImmiAccount. Completed forms can be attached to an in progress application.