What is a labour agreement?

Labour agreements are formal arrangements negotiated between an employer and the Australian Government which lets an employer recruit an agreed number of skilled workers from outside Australia.

The agreement must:

  • identify the relevant skills shortage in the business and why these vacancies cannot be filled by Australian workers
  • specify the number of skilled workers needed from outside Australia
  • the age, skill and English language requirements that relate to the nominated occupations. Semi-skilled occupations can be considered for nominated positions if specified in the agreement.

You can use a template labour agreement if there is one for your industry or your worker’s occupation. If the template does not suit your needs it may be possible to negotiate an individual agreement.

A labour agreement comes into effect when it has been signed by all parties involved in the negotiations and is typically valid for three years.

To find out more about the labour agreement process, contact us by email labour.agreement.section@border.gov.au