Individuals and Travellers

What documents do you need?

Citizenship application fees are changing from 1 January 2016.
See: Citizenship fee changes 1 January 2016 factsheet

Generally, applications for citizenship require:

View the document checklist for your application type. Your application form also provides a checklist with further details of the documents required.

Read important information about the documents you need to provide with your citizenship application.


Document checklist

Choose your application type for a checklist of the documents you need to lodge with your citizenship application.
 Australian citizenship
 Australian citizenship by descent
 Australian citizenship by adoption
 Resuming your Australian citizenship
 Renouncing your Australian citizenship
 Evidence of Australian citizenship

Originals or certified copies?

Do not mail original documents to the department. In some circumstances, the department may request you provide your original documents.

Copies of original documents must be certified by a person from the designated list of occupations for all applications including those lodged overseas.

In Australia

If you attend a citizenship appointment you must bring your original documents with you.

If you are not required to attend a citizenship appointment or are mailing your application to the department, you will need to attach certified copies of your original documents to your application.

Outside Australia

If you are overseas when lodging your application for citizenship by conferral, you should send your application along with certified copies of all required documents by post or courier directly to the Overseas Citizenship Unit at the department's ACT and Regions Office in Australia.

For all other citizenship application types, you should contact your nearest Immigration Offices Outside Australia or see their website for more information before lodging your application because:

  • you may be required to attend an appointment and present original documents as part of your application process
  • some posts only accept certain currencies for fee payments with your application
  • some posts will ask you to bring in your original documents and they will certify copies for you to attach to your application
  • some posts may only accept copies certified by an Australian citizen in your country of residence
  • some posts may also accept copies certified by a citizen of your country of residence if no Australian is known to you
  • some posts may direct you to their preferred third party for document certification.

Requirements for paper and online applications

If you post a paper application to the department, you must attach certified copies of your original documents to your application.

If an online application is available, you must bring your original documents to your citizenship appointment. You can attach scanned documents to your online citizenship application.

How to certify original documents

Only people from the designated list of occupations are able to certify copies of your original documents.

No particular form of words is required by legislation. However, the department suggests the following wording be used:

Number of pagesSuggested wording
Single page documents"This is a certified true copy of the original as sighted by me"
Multiple page documents

"I certify this and the following … pages to be a true copy of the original as sighted by me"

The department requires that all subsequent pages of the copy are initialled.

In addition, the department recommends that the following information also be provided along with the above statement on the copy of the document:

  • Signature
  • Name in full
  • Occupation
  • Telephone number
  • Date
  • Address (optional)

Getting documents from overseas

If you have to get your original documents from overseas this can take time. You will not be able to complete your application process without these documents.

Providing translations of original documents not in English

If your documents are not in English, you will need to provide official translations.

In Australia, you must use translators accredited by the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters.

If you are outside Australia when applying, contact the Australian mission in the country which issued the documents for advice on acceptable translators.

You must provide the translation and the original document or certified copy with your application.

Documents for children

Generally, identity and other document requirements for children under the age of 16 years are the same for those of an adult.

For children under 6 years of age

Often children under 6 years of age have difficulty in getting copies of their documents certified and their Identity declaration form and photograph signed by a person with the appropriate authority.

Further information on identity requirements for children is available.

Documents to assist long-term Australian residents

If you are a British subject who does not have evidence of entry to Australia and you arrived before 1 January 1975, evidence of residence is required, for example employment, taxation and school records. The National Archives of Australia can help with documents pre-1974,
Telephone: 1300 886 881.