Cooperating with the Department


Anyone who attempts to travel to Australia by boat without a visa will be turned back or transferred to a regional processing country.

The following information is not for people whose protection claims are being assessed in regional processing countries.

This information is for people who have already arrived in Australia by boat without a visa and whose protection claims will be assessed in Australia.

Because you arrived illegally by boat, you cannot stay in Australia permanently.

The immigration department needs to decide if you will be allowed to stay in Australia temporarily.

It is your responsibility to give the immigration department information about who you are and your situation.

You may have been told that it is better to lie or hide information from the immigration department.

This is wrong.

Always tell the truth about who you are and your situation.

In Australia, it is against the law to give false information to a government official and to use fake documents.

If you are living in the community, it is also your responsibility to keep your contact information up-to-date.

This means you must tell the immigration department if you change your address or telephone number.

Do this to make sure the immigration department can give you important information.

Ask the immigration department or your service provider if you want more detailed information.

Information is also available at: Illegal maritime arrivals

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