Bringing Family with you


Most student visas allow you to bring your family members to Australia as your dependants if you are:

  • eligible for streamlined visa processing
  • assessment level 1 or 2
  • assessment level 3 or 4 and your course is longer than 12 months. If the duration of your course is less than 52 weeks, your family members are eligible to accompany you to Australia provided that:
    • your nominated course (if you are applying for another student visa) or your current course (if you are a student visa holder) is the same course as, or a continuation of, the course that was associated with your previous student visa and the total duration of the course or courses as registered on CRICOS is 52 weeks or more, or
    • you have been in Australia lawfully for 12 months or more.

Your assessment level is determined by your course of study and your nationality.

Eligible family members

Eligible family members include your partner and you and your partner's dependent children.

See Student definitions for more information.

How can your family members come to Australia?

Your family members can apply to come with you to Australia in the following ways:

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