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Study in Australia

Use the Study in Australia website to make an informed decision about studying in Australia.

The Website has information for international students studying and living in Australia, including:

  • Australian education providers
  • Courses
  • Scholarship programs
  • Testimonials from international students

See > Study in Australia

Genuine temporary entrant requirements

To be granted a student visa, applicants must have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily

See > Genuine temporary entrant

Health insurance for students

All student visa holders must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while they are in Australia. Evidence of this must be provided for their entire intended stay in Australia.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides medical and hospital insurance for student visa holders. You can arrange to pay for your OSHC through your educational institution or you can purchase OSHC online by visiting the OSHC insurers' website. You can ask your education provider to organise OSHC for you, or you can select an approved OSHC provider yourself and pay the insurance.

See > Health insurance for students

English language requirements for students

Applicants for some Student visas are required to provide results of an English language test.

Find information on the types of English language tests accepted by the Australian Government

See > Student visa English language requirements

Costs and fees in Australia

Applicants for some Student visas are required to provide evidence that they have funds from an acceptable source that are sufficient to meet travel costs, course tuition fees and living costs for the period of stay in Australia.  This may also require evidence of funds for the first 12 months of stay and/or a declaration covering the remainder of their stay in Australia.

See > Student visa living costs and evidence of funds

Visa application document checklists

Document checklists for student visa applications, including:

  • Student eVisa document checklists
  • Checklists by student visa subclass

See > Visa application document checklists

Education providers

Changing your course or education provider

If you are thinking about changing your course of study, you must continue to meet your student visa conditions.

Find out how to change to a new course or new education provider.

See > Changing courses or education providers

Closure of an education provider

Information for students who are affected by:

  • The deregistration or closure of their Education Provider
  • An education provider who can no longer deliver their course

See > Education providers

Extending your stay in Australia

Extending your stay

Information for students who want to extend their stay in Australia for:

  • Further study
  • Their graduation
  • A holiday
  • Work
  • Permanent residency

See > Extending your stay

Skilled Migration Program

If you want to stay in Australia after you finish your study, you can apply for a permanent visa.

Applying for a permanent visa is a separate process to applying for a student visa, and there is no guarantee that you will be granted a permanent visa.

See > Students and the skilled migration program

Student and student guardian visas

Applying for a student or student guardian visa in Australia

Visa information for students applying for a student or student guardian visa in Australia, including:

  • Qualifying visa types

See > Qualifying visas for student and student guardian visa

Visa conditions for students

A student visa holder must comply with a number of visa conditions so they can continue to study in Australia. Breaching a visa condition may result in the cancellation of your visa.

Find information on visa conditions for:

  • Student visa holders
  • Dependant family members

See > Visa conditions

Work conditions for student visa holders

Working in Australia

Information for student visa holders and their dependant family members, including:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • How to apply for permission to work

See > Work conditions for student visa holders


Superannuation information for student visa holders.

See > Superannuation

Studying in Australia survey

Australian Education International conducted a survey of international students in six countries to examine student perceptions about studying in Australia.

The survey found that the most important factors that influence where a student chooses to study include:

  • The quality of education
  • The cost of tuition
  • The cost of living

See > New research on studying in Australia views from six key countries

Information for 7-Eleven workers

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is working closely with the Fair Work Ombudsman and the 7-Eleven Independent Franchisee Review and Staff Claims Panel (the Fels Wage Fairness Panel) to investigate underpayment of 7-Eleven workers.

We have information about our policies in relation to visa cancellation if you are a 7-Eleven worker and you are considering approaching the Fels Wage Fairness Panel.

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