Individuals and Travellers

Resident Return visa (subclasses 155 and 157) document checklist

You need to provide documents to support your application for this visa. We can make a decision using the information you provide when you lodge your application. It is in your interest to provide as much information as possible with your application.

Provide certified copies of original documents. Do not include original documents unless we specifically ask for them. If you are required to provide a police certificate, it must be an original document. Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations. Passports do not need to be translated.

Use this checklist to make sure your application is complete.



Receiving assistance

Complete this section only if you are lodging a paper application.

Your identity

  • Certified copies of the biographical pages of your current passports or travel documents (these are the pages with your photo and personal details and the issue/expiry dates).
  • If your name has changed since you were last a permanent resident: a certified copy of evidence of the name change.
  • Evidence of current or former permanent visa.

Character and Police Certificate requirements

If you have had any offences, convictions, associations with criminal conducts or violence in Australia or overseas, you will need to provide the original document of an Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police/penal clearance certificate or other evidence to satisfy the character requirements as set out under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958.

If you do not satisfy these character requirements, you might not be able to re-enter Australia until an assessment of your visa has been finalised.

Read more about the character and police certificate requirements before you lodge your application.

Documents to show your ties with Australia

If you have not spent a total of two years in the last five years in Australia as an Australian permanent resident, you must provide documents to show that you have substantial ties to Australia. These could be business, cultural, employment or personal ties.

Documents to show your ties with Australia can include the documentation described in the list below.

You must include  a statement with your application outlining your attached documents, which describes the nature of your ties and how they benefit Australia.

You should attach scanned copies of original documents through your ImmiAccount.

Incomplete applications will take longer to finalise.

  • To show your business ties with Australia:
    • company reports defining your role and authority
    • business transactions
    • partnership or joint venture agreements
    • contracts showing your signature
    • business or personal records.
  • To show your cultural ties to Australia:
    • publications written by you
    • contracts
    • evidence of membership of cultural associations
    • newspaper articles about you
    • programs listing your artistic or cultural performances.
  • To show your employment ties with Australia:
    • letter of offer from employers
    • employment contracts
    • recent official documents such as group certificates
    • employee identification or security pass.
  • To show your personal ties with Australia:
    • birth certificates, citizenship certificates or evidence of permanent residence of close family members who reside in Australia
    • proof of children attending school in Australia, such as school reports
    • proof of relationships with those close family members who reside in Australia
    • evidence of ownership of property in Australia, such as rates notices or property contracts.
  • If you need to show you are an immediate member of a family group where the family head holds, or has applied for, a Resident Return (subclass 155 or 157) visa:
    • current proof of relationship
    • certified copy of the family member’s valid Resident Return (subclass 155 or 157) visa or evidence that the family has lodged an application for a Resident Return (subclass 155 or 157) visa
    • current proof of relationship.

Travel facility

If you have lived in Australia for at least two years of the past five years and are granted a subclass 155 Resident Return visa it will have a five year travel facility from date of grant.

If you are granted a subclass 155 Resident Return visa on the basis of your substantial ties of benefit to Australia, then your travel facility will be for a year from the date of the grant.

If you are granted a Subclass 155 Resident Return visa because you are a family member of a person who holds a subclass 155, or who has also applied for Resident Return visa and satisfies criteria for grant, then your travel facility will be for either a year or less than a year from date of grant.

If you are granted a subclass 157 visa the travel facility will be for three months from date of grant.