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Subclass 573 Document Checklist Assessment Level 2

This document lists the information and supporting documents required to lodge your student visa application. It also lists additional documents that you may need to provide depending on your individual circumstances.

Important: Visa application requirements differ from one country to another. If you are applying outside Australia, you must contact your nearest departmental office and check exactly how to submit your application and what documents to provide.

See: Immigration Offices Outside Australia

You should ensure that you lodge a completed visa application. While the department may ask you to provide more information in order to determine whether you meet the criteria for grant of the visa, a decision on the visa application may be made solely on the information provided at the time of application.

Note: The Visa Application Charge will not be refunded if a decision is made to refuse to grant the visa because the applicant did not satisfy the criteria for grant of the visa.

Important: Do not provide original documents unless requested. You must provide certified copies of original documentation. Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations. More information on certified documents and English translations is available.

Form 1025i contains more information on how to apply.

See: Form 1025i Making and processing visa applications.

After completing this checklist, please attach it to the front of your application.

Forms, fees and charges

For a student visa application complete form 157A.

See: Form 157A Application for a student (temporary) visa

You may also be eligible to apply online.

See: Online Applications - Students

The electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate(s) and/or letter of offer issued by your education provider for the course(s) you are undertaking.

Visa application charge – payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) by credit card, debit card, bank cheque or money order.

See: Visa Charges

Certified copies of passport or travel documents of all people included in the application. Passports must not have expired. If you are asked to attend a DIBP office you must bring your passport.

If you are under 18 and are applying in Australia for a student visa you will need to show evidence that appropriate arrangements are in place for your welfare at the time you lodge your application. Please refer to the Welfare for Students Under 18 section of this checklist for information on what is considered acceptable evidence.

Personal documents

If you are applying from outside Australia, four recent passport sized photographs (45mmx35mm) of you and any other person included in the application. If applying in Australia, only one photograph of each person is required.

  • These photographs should be of the head and shoulders only against a plain background.
  • Print the name of the person on the back of each photograph.

Evidence of the relationship between yourself and all members of your family unit. Example:

  • certified copies or notarised copies of birth certificates (including those who are not joining you in Australia)
  • marriage certificate.

If you are living in a de facto relationship, independent evidence that you have been in the relationship for at least 12 months.


  • joint bank account statements
  • billing accounts in joint names.

If you or anyone included in the application has been permanently separated, divorced or widowed, a certified copy of the statutory declaration/separation certificate, divorce decree absolute or the death certificate of the deceased partner (as appropriate).

If anyone in the application has changed his or her name, certified copies of documents verifying the name change.


  • marriage or deed poll certificate
  • a certified copy of evidence of the name change.

If any dependent child included in the application is adopted, certified copies of the adoption papers.

Certified copies of documents to verify custody and access arrangements for children under 18 years of age. This is not required if both parents or legal custodians are included in the application.

If your family members have turned 5 years of age, but have not yet turned 18, and are remaining with you in Australia, you will need to provide evidence of enrolment in an Australian school, including payment of any required fee.

Health documents

You may be required to provide one of the following:

  • medical and x-ray examinations for yourself and any family unit member planning to remain with in you Australia
  • evidence of a booking, or receipt, from Bupa Medical Visa Services for your medical and x-ray examinations.

See: Health Requirements

Other health and character documents

Evidence that you have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your visa. Your visa expiry date will be determined by the expiry date of your OSHC.

You may be required to provide a penal clearance for any country you have lived in for 12 months, or longer, in the last ten years, since reaching 16 years of age. If you have served in the armed forces of any country, you may be required to provide certified copies of military service records or discharge papers. The office processing your application will advise you if they require these documents.

Financial documents





You must declare on your student visa application that you have sufficient funds to cover yourself and your family members for the duration of your stay in Australia for:

  • living costs
  • tuition costs
  • school costs for any school-aged children.

Declare on your student visa application that you have access to sufficient funds to cover the same costs for the remainder of your stay.

The departmental officer assessing your application will need to be satisfied that the funds you are relying on will genuinely be available to you during your stay in Australia.

Provide evidence that you have access to funds to cover travel costs to and from Australia.

The funds to support you and your family members can come from any source except non-cash assets (example: property, shares). Non-cash assets may only be used if they have been liquidated (and held as a money deposit) or used as collateral for a loan.

Welfare for students under 18

If you are under 18 years of age you must provide evidence that every person with a legal right to decide where you live consents to your proposed studies in Australia.

If you are under 18 years of age you must provide evidence of either (a), (b) or (c):

a) If you intend to reside in Australia with a parent, or a person who has custody of you, you must provide evidence of the relationship, and that they have the right to remain in Australia for the period of your stay, or until you turn 18, whichever is the lesser period.


b) If you intend to reside in Australia with a relative nominated by a parent or a person who has custody of you, you must provide evidence of the relationship, evidence that the relative is at least 21 years old, police clearance/s, and evidence that the relative has the right to remain in Australia for the period of your stay, or until you turn 18, whichever is the lesser period.

Police clearances do not need to be submitted at the time you lodge your application but will need to be submitted before your visa can be granted.

Further information is available about police clearances under each visa category.


c) If you will not be residing in Australia with one of the above mentioned persons, you must provide a signed statement from your education provider confirming that appropriate arrangements have been made for your accommodation, support and general welfare during your stay in Australia.

Further information about eligibility is available.

Applications from applicants in Australia

If you are applying in Australia and do not already hold a student visa, you must provide exceptional reasons for the grant of student visa. You will need to demonstrate that exceptional circumstances exist to justify approving the application.


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