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To start an online application you will need to login to your ImmiAccount. If you do not have an ImmiAccount you will be prompted to create one.

You must add as much information as possible before you submit your application. Applications with missing information might take longer to finalise.

When completing your online application you must not copy and paste bullet points, numbering, accents etc from formatted documents into the free text fields. Only use numbers 0 – 9 and letters A – Z (upper and lower case), dashes '-' and underscores '_'.​​​​

Student visa (outside Australia)Assessment Level 1 students outside Australia applying online for a new student visa.

Important: Macau SAR and Hong Kong SAR 'Document of Identity' holders are not eligible for online lodgement outside Australia. Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR passport holders can lodge online.

Your passport country and course of study determines your assessment level. If you are not sure you are an Assessment Level 1 student you should check the Student Visa Program Assessment Levels.

Online lodgement of student visa applications is also available to assessment level 2 - 3 citizens of the following countries who are living in their country at the time of application and who lodge through an authorised agent:
  • People's Republic of China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand.
Important: If your online application is lodged when you are outside Australia, you must also be outside Australia before the visa can be granted. Refunds are not available if you e​nter Australia on another type of visa before your online application has been decided.

Start application for first Student visa outside Australia

Student visa (in Australia)

For people currently in Australia applying for their first student visa.

Note: You must hold a qualifying visa.

Start application for first Student visa in Australia

Student Further Stay (in Australia)

For students currently in Australia applying for a further student visa.

Note: You must hold a qualifying visa.

Start application for Student Further Stay

Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visaFor recent graduates of an Australian educational institution to stay and work in Australia for a period of time after their studies.
Note: When starting an application, you will be asked some questions to determine if you are eligible to continue. If the system indicates you are not eligible to apply online, you will need to post or courier a paper application to the department.
Start application for Temporary Graduate visa

The application form is available under the 'Temporary work' application group

To complete an application you might be required to attach supporting documentation. You will need to check the relevant document checklist on the visa subclass page.​​​​

Note: Online lodgement is not available to students who could not complete their studies in Australia because of an education provider default and who would like to make a Student visa application for no fee. Please contact the nearest office of the department as soon as possible for assistance.

Important: Streamlined visa processing does not change the online lodgement arrangements currently in place. That is, if you do not have access to online lodgement for student visa applications currently, you would not gain access to online lodgement under the SVP arrangements.

Information is available about Education Provider's Approval to Deliver Courses is Removed.

If you are affected by an education provider default, and wish to make an online application you must pay the fee and meet the requirements for an online application.

Track and manage your application

You will need to login to your ImmiAccount. If you do not have an account you will need to create one to access online visa services. You can use your account to:

  • continue a saved application​
  • attach documents
  • update passport details
  • change email and address details
  • check progress of your application.

Transaction Reference Number

A Transaction Reference Number (TRN) is a unique number assigned to each online application. You will need this to:

  • track and manage your application
  • identify your application when you communicate with us
  • check your visa entitlements.


Before you start your application you should read all the information about Student visas.

Help for ImmiAccount including Quick Reference Guides, FAQs and common error messages is available from the ImmiAccount page.

If you have read all of the available information, and you still require help, contact us with your enquiry.​​​

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