Community Status Resolution Service


No visa? Have a Bridging visa E?

The Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) is a free service we offer, to work with people who have overstayed their visa or have a Bridging visa E.

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When you approach us with an expired Australian visa, or a Bridging visa E, you can be referred to the CSRS if you need help to resolve your immigration matter. A Community Status Resolution officer will be able to give you information ​​about your immigration or departure options, answer your questions and connect you with organisations for further assistance if needed.

If you cooperate with us to resolve your immigration status, we can grant you a Bridging visa E. This lets you stay in Australia for a short time while you finalise your immigration matter.

We regularly conduct compliance activity to locate people living in the community unlawfully.  If you are found in the community without a visa, you could be detained and removed from Australia. You could face a three-year re-entry ban from visiting Australia again.

You have a choice – do something about your situation now.

If you are thinking about going home, you can leave Australia at any time, even if you don’t have a valid visa. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) may be able to help plan your return home.

If you arrived in Australia illegally by boat, you can’t apply for a further bridging visa. More information is available for Illegal maritime arrivals.

The CSRS holds outreach sessions in some regional areas around Australia. You can approach us at one of these sessions to talk to a CSRS officer about your expired visa or your Bridging visa E.

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The CSRS will give you clear and correct information about appropriate immigration or departure options, answer your questions and connect you with organisations for further assistance if needed.

You can phone the CSRS for information about expired visas or Bridging visa Es. You can do this anonymously and seek general information or you can speak to the operator in more detail about your circumstances.

1300 853 773
131 450 (for interpreting assistance)

You can also come into an immigration office and speak to the CSRS. The CSRS is not available in all immigration offices. See Community Status Resolution Service office locations for a list of immigration offices that provide Bridging visa E and status resolution services.

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Workplace rights for all visa holders working in Australia

You can check your visa information online at any time through Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). This will give you information about your visa's expiry date as well as any conditions attached to your visa.

In Australia, only registered migration agents and certain people are legally allowed to give migration advice. More information about using a Migration Agent is available.

Translations for community languages is available at Community Status Resolution Service - information in community languages.