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ANZSCO is a system developed to collect, publish and analyse occupation statistics across government agencies, and is being introduced by the department as the new standard to capture occupation information in all visa, settlement and citizenship programs.

ANZSCO will also be used within skilled visa programs, where it is a requirement for visa eligibility, as the standard by which a visa applicant's skills to undertake a specific occupation in Australia are assessed.


General information about the ANZSCO classification system.

Introduction of ANZSCO – Transitional arrangements

Describes the transitional arrangements in place to enable, in certain circumstances, a mix of ASCO and ANZSCO information to be accepted for skilled visa program sponsorships, nominations and visa applications.

List of ANZSCO codes and occupations

A full list of all ANZSCO codes and their occupation titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions relating to the introduction of ANZSCO.