Migration of Medical Practitioners under the General Skilled Migration Program

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Changes to immigration arrangements have been made that will assist medical practitioners who wish to migrate to Australia. The changes, made as part of the enhancements to Medicare, allow Medical Practitioners to migrate to Australia under one of the General Skilled Migration visa categories.

Skills assessment

If your nominated occupation is 'Medical Practitioner', evidence of your full medical registration is accepted as evidence of a skills assessment.

The department will accept one of the following certificates issued by the State or Territory Medical Board or by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) as evidence of full registration:

  • a full, unconditional or general medical registration
  • conditional specialist registration – this registration allows you to practise only in your particular speciality, with no further training or supervision requirements.

A full, unconditional or general medical registration

Under current legislation, full, unconditional or general medical registration will only be available to you if you:

  • are a graduate of an Australian or New Zealand Australian Medical Council accredited medical school and have completed an approved period of intern training
  • hold a primary medical qualifications obtained overseas, and meet all of the following:
    • you have successfully completed the Australian Medical Council examination -including both the multiple choice questionnaire and the clinical examination
    • you have been awarded the Australian Medical Council Certificate
    • you have completed a period of supervised training approved by a State or Territory Medical Board.

Further information on the Australian Medical Council examination process is available.
See: Australian Medical Council

Once you have met the requirements outlined above, you must apply to the MBA for a full, unconditional or general medical registration, which entitles you to practise in Australia.

For contact details for MBA see DoctorConnect.
See: DoctorConnect

Conditional Specialist registration

If you are an overseas trained specialist whose primary medical qualifications are not recognised in Australia, you must apply through the Australian Medical Council or Specialist Medical College procedures to have your specialist training and qualifications assessed. This assessment will determine whether your training and qualifications are equivalent to those of Australian trained specialists currently entering the Australian workforce.

Further information regarding the procedures for conditional specialist registration is available.
See: Australian Medical Council

For details of Specialist Medical Colleges and their contact details see DoctorConnect.
See: DoctorConnect

Once you have received recognition by an Australian Specialist College, you must apply to MBA  for conditional registration in your specialist field of practice. Contact details for MBA are available on the DoctorConnect website.
See: DoctorConnect

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