Role of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is responsible for immigration and border policy and the processing of visa applications. The Department manages the Australian immigration detention network through its operational enforcement arm, the Australian Border Force.

A well-managed migration programme helps to identify risk. Immigration detention supports this by assisting to mitigate potential risks to the Australian community, including national security, health and character. It also supports the integrity of Australia's visa programme. The Department works with people who are in immigration detention to resolve their immigration status. This includes people who have arrived in Australia without a valid visa, or those whose visa has ceased or been cancelled. The Department aims to resolve the person’s immigration status by either facilitating their removal or establishing that they meet the requirements to have a visa granted, and therefore can be released from immigration detention.

The Department responds to internal and external reviews, reports and inquiries, and strives to continually improve immigration detention services.