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Strengthening the test for Australian Citizenship

Australian citizenship involves privileges and responsibilities. Building mutual obligations between government, the community and the individual – regardless of ethnicity – strengthens our resilience and sense of belonging.

The 2015 National Consultation on Citizenship – Your Right, Your Responsibility indicated strong community support for strengthening the test for Australian citizenship. The Australian Government is strengthening the test for Australian citizenship in response to this consultation.

Your views on the proposed changes outlined in Strengthening the test for Australian Citizenship (PDF) are important.

The media release regarding the changes is available at Minister for Immigration and Border Protection website.

How to provide your views

You can submit your views on this paper by 1 June 2017 to citizenship.submissions@border.gov.au

Review of Customs Licensing Regimes

We have completed consultation on the Review of all customs licensing regimes under the Customs Act 1901 (the Review), with the final review workshop held on Friday 20 January 2017.

Industry representatives attended the workshop and gave valuable clarification of their submissions on the issues where submissions differed.

Three issues were discussed in depth, including:

  • the role of the National Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee
  • whether one license should cover multiple establishments
  • whether to introduce a ‘provisional’ licence for Customs Brokers.

Prior to this workshop, we released  the Review of Customs Licensing Regimes Issues Paper (260KB PDF) that summarises the key themes raised in the 37 submissions received as part of the Review. The Issues Paper also contains a summary of discussion points from a government-industry integrity workshop, held on 25 November 2016, on the integrity of the licensing regimes.

The draft recommendations are now available at Review of all customs licensing arrangements, which address the Terms of Reference of the Review.

The final report and recommendations will be submitted to the Comptroller-General of Customs by 31 March 2017.

Any queries regarding the Review should be directed to licensingreview@border.gov.au.

Introducing a temporary visa ​for parents

The Australian public is invited to provide their views on the development of a new visa for parents of Australians. This invitation is in response to the Government’s election commitment announcement of 21 June 2016 that indicated it would enhance existing visa arrangements to enable sponsored parents to visit their family in Australia for a continuous period of up to five years, if re-elected.

The Australian Government believes that parents should have the opportunity to visit children and grandchildren who live in Australia as long as parents and their sponsors can satisfy community expectations and that their stay in Australia does not have an undue cost impact on the Australian community. While several visa options are already available for parents to spend time with their family in Australia, community feedback indicates that a fresh approach should be considered.

See Discussion paper: Introducing a temporary visa for parents​ for more information.

Customs Act 1901 Definition of ‘owner’ – draft notices open for consultation

We are seeking to receive submissions on the two draft DIBP Notices listed​ below. These notices concern the definition of ‘owner’ as set out in section 4 of the Customs Act 1901 and discuss liability for customs duty. Submissions can be submitted to importexportpolicy@border.gov.au. The​ closing date for submissions has been extended to Friday 27 May 2016.

Australia’s Humanitarian Programme 2017-18

Australia operates a dedicated Humanitarian Programme that offers resettlement for refugees and others overseas who are in humanitarian need, and protection for people who arrive lawfully in Australia and engage Australia’s protection obligations.

Each year, the Australian Government seeks the views of the Australian public on the Humanitarian Programme. These views are taken into consideration in programme planning and development.

We have released the Humanitarian Programme 2017-18 discussion paper (488KB PDF) that outlines how the Humanitarian Programme currently operates and provides information on its management and composition over previous years. Note that regional processing arrangements and Australia’s management of the illegal maritime arrival legacy caseload are not within the scope of this discussion paper.

We invite all interested people and organisations to make a written submission putting forward your views on the composition of the 2017-18 Humanitarian Programme. To guide submissions, we are particularly seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. In the global context, there are large numbers of people in need of resettlement and limited places available in Australia. What should Australia’s priorities be for accepting refugees and humanitarian entrants, including those in protracted situations?
  2. What can the Australian Government do to encourage involvement from the private, educational and community sectors to assist humanitarian entrants to secure stable employment and achieve self-sufficiency?
  3. Do you have other comments on the offshore component of the 2017–18 Humanitarian Programme?

Send your submissions to humanitarian.policy@border.gov.au by Friday 19 May 2017.

Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) review

The Review of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) report was released on 24 February 2017. The review was undertaken by Mr John Azarias.