Corporate plans

Corporate plans are designed to be the primary planning documents of Commonwealth entities. They are prepared annually and set out:

  • what an entity's purposes are
  • what it will do to achieve its purposes
  • how it will know that it has achieved its purposes.

They also inform readers of the activities an entity will undertake during the four-year period of the plan. 

Corporate plan 2016-17

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection Corporate Plan 2016–17 describes our purposes, operating environment, ongoing priorities, capabilities and performance measures. It is a roadmap for what we are striving to achieve and how we will get there.   

Last published: 31 August 2016.

Corporate plan 2015-19

This is the first corporate plan published by the Department following the integration of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service on 1 July 2015.  The Corporate Plan outlines our priorities to deliver our strategic objectives, how we will be organised, how we will support and develop our people, manage risks and plan for our required capability so that we can​ deliver our outcomes for the Australian Government and the Australian people.

The Plan has been developed as required by Section 35 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.