Work in Australia - Statistics

​​​​Statistical data is available on the subclass 457 visa programme and provides information on all visa grants and the number of visa holders in Australia. Statistics also include information such as the location of the nominated position, the nominated occupation, the nominated salary and the country of citizenship.

We are reviewing our reporting on the subclass 457 programme and might amend the quarterly report significantly in 2016-17. If you are a regular user of this report and would like to provide us with feedback about which parts of the report are useful and/or any suggested improvements, e-mail

Subclass 457 quarterly reports

Subclass 457 annual reports

Subclass 457 quarterly pivot tables

We publish historical 457 visa statistics for visa holders in Australia (at snapshot dates) and accumulative grants data.

Significant Investor visa statistics

The Significant Investor visa (SIV) programme is a pathway to provide for significant migrant investment into Australia under the Business Innovation and Investment visa programme.
See: Significant Investor visa statistics

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