Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400) document checklist

The Australian Government recommends, subject to approval by the Governor-General, the introduction of reforms to the temporary activity visa framework on 19 November 2016.

Further details about the proposed new temporary activity visa framework are available.

You must provide documents to support your application for this visa. We can make a decision using the information you provide when you lodge your application. It is in your interest to provide as much information as possible with your application.​

You must provide certified copies of original documents. Do not include original documents unless we specifically ask for them. Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations.

Use this checklist to make sure your application is complete.​​​

Applying outside Australi​a: Visa application requirements differ from country to country. Your nearest immigration office outside Australia will tell you exactly how to submit your application and what documents to provide.

If you do not apply online: Complete this checklist and attach it, with your documents, to the front of your application when you lodge it.


Receiving assistance


  • Pay the visa application charge or provide one of the following documents to show that you do not need to pay the charge:​
    • For an amateur sports participant or person assisting an amateur participant or team: your invitation to the event, stating this information.
    • To act as a representative of a foreign government: a letter from your ministry or government.
    • If you are in a class of people participating in an activity specified in a legislative instrument: evidence from the inviting organisation that you are in that class of people.

Your personal documents

Applying outside Australia: Visa application requirements differ from country to country. Your nearest immigration office outside Australia will tell you exactly how to submit your application and what documents to provide.

Your identity
  • Certified copies of the biographical pages of the current passports or travel documents of all people included in the application (these are the pages with the holder's photo and personal details and the issue/expiry dates).
  • One recent passport-sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm) of each person included in the application.
    • These photographs should be of the head and shoulders only against a plain background.
    • Print the name of the person on the back of each photograph.
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate showing both parents' names. If you do not have a birth certificate and are unable to get one, you must provide a certified copy of the identification pages of at least one of the following documents:
    • family book showing both parents' names
    • identification document issued by the government
    • court-issued documents that verify your identity.
  • A national identity card if you have one.
  • If your name has changed or the name of anyone included in your application has changed: a certified copy of evidence of the name change.

  • If you are unable to provide any of these documents, you must provide other acceptable evidence that you are who you claim to be.

If your partner is included in the application: provide a copy of your marriage certificate or independent evidence that you are in a de facto relationship (for example, joint bank account statements or billing accounts in joint names).

Your activities in Australia

Participating in a cultural or social event
  • Letter of invitation from the inviting organisation in Australia that includes the event name, the dates of the event, your role or duties, and the role of the inviting organisation in the event.
  • If you are applying as an amateur sports participant or assisting an amateur participant or team: your invitation should confirm your amateur status in the event.
Doing highly specialised work
  • Letter of job offer or your employment contract showing details of the position, the duration of the work, your role or duties and the reason you are required. The evidence should also include that your employment conditions satisfy Australian workplace standards and that your activities will not adversely impact Australian workers.
  • If you are doing freelance work: a copy of your proposed itinerary.
  • If you are applying to work on an entertainment industry production: evidence that the production will not be shown in Australia, such as a distribution contract.
Assisting in a national emergency
  • A letter of support from an Australian Commonwealth, state or territory emergency authority.
Foreign Affairs student or recipient
  • A letter of support from the Australian Foreign Minister.

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