Australian Customs Notice 2000 28


On 23 June 2000, the Tradex Scheme (Tradex) will be implemented. Tradex is an industry assistance programme which will allow for the importation of goods without payment of customs duty or other taxes, provided the goods are subsequently exported or incorporated in other goods which are exported.

The Tradex Scheme Act 1999 is the legislative basis giving effect to the Scheme.

Tradex will replace the existing Tariff Export Concession Scheme (TEXCO). However, to achieve a seamless transition, there will be a short period during which both schemes will run concurrently. Termination date for TEXCO will be 14 July 2000.

The scheme will be administered by AusIndustry, a division within the Department of Industry, Science and Resources. Importers wishing to utilise the Tradex Scheme may apply to AusIndustry for a tradex order, as defined in section 4 of the Tradex Scheme Act 1999, nominating the goods they wish to import.

If the Secretary of the Department of Industry, Science and Resources ("the Secretary") is satisfied of those things set out in section 11 of the Tradex Scheme Act 1999, the Secretary must make a tradex order. A tradex order will allow the use of item 21A of Schedule 4 to the Customs Tariff Act 1995 to effect concessional entry of the nominated goods.

Current TEXCO users may transfer to TRADEX by notifying AusIndustry of their wish to do so, prior to the commencement of the scheme.

Other importers wishing to use the Tradex Scheme should make an application to the Secretary for a tradex order in relation to the nominated goods. Contact numbers for AusIndustry regarding applications are as follows:

NSWPaul Ricketts(02) 9256 0984
QLDPaul Bradley(07) 3231 5103
SATony Petrelli(08) 8406 4712
WAChristina Hodson(08) 9327 9517
TASPeter Hill(03) 6234 1589
ACTUrmil Sethi(02) 6213 7803
VICJohn Leahy(03) 9268 7572

Any inquiries relating to this Notice may be directed to Mr Michael Henry on (02) 6275 6502.

Lucy Bitmead
National Manager
Imports/Exports Management
Chief Executive Officer

May 2000