Application Process

Potential new customs brokers must submit an application and supporting documentation to the Department.  The application documents for each type of customs broker licence can be downloaded below.

Sole Trader
Guidelines for completing a nominee customs broker licence application

Applications submitted to the Department are checked for completeness. When the application is complete an invoice is sent to the applicant to pay the application fee. After the fee has been paid and integrity assessments have been undertaken, applications are referred to the National Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee (NCBLAC) for consideration.

NCBLAC comprises of a representative from the Department, a representative from Industry (nominated by the customs broker industry) and is chaired by an independent former judicial officer. NCBLAC investigates the matters that the Comptroller-General of Customs is to consider for each broker licence application to decide whether or not the licence should be granted. The Committee may need to talk to applicants about their application by holding an interview.

NCBLAC will make a recommendation to the Department regarding whether or not the applicant should be granted a licence. The Department will then decide on the basis of the NCBLAC advice whether to grant or not grant a licence to the applicant.

The Department will advise the applicant of the decision to grant or not grant a licence.

Additional  information that will be of assistance to applicants is below.

DIBPN 2016/16 (163KB PDF)

Integrated Cargo System (ICS)

All customs brokers must be registered as a client in the ICS. Corporate brokerages and Sole Traders must also obtain a digital certificate. Nominee customs brokers do not need their own digital certificate but must be linked to a licensed Corporate customs broker or licensed Sole Trader customs broker in the ICS.

To ensure that the ICS recognises a customs broker, it is important that the client registration, the broker licence and the digital certificate are all in the same name and use the same ABN/CCID.