Going through the border

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Arriving into Australia

Information for travellers arriving in Australia, including:

  • Using a SmartGate with an electronic passport (epassport) when arriving Visa and immigration requirements
  • Baggage examination and questioning
  • Air travel

See > Arriving into Australia

Departing from Australia

Information for travellers leaving Australia, including:

  • Using a Smartgate with an electronic passport (epassport) when departing

See > Departing Australia

Passenger Cards

Information for travellers arriving and leaving Australia, including:

  • How to complete a passenger card
  • Outgoing passenger cards
  • Incoming passenger cards

See> Passenger Cards

Tips for travellers

  • Information on what to do and not do when travelling through Australia’s border

See > Tips for travellers

Monitoring people movement

  • Information for individuals, including:
  • How to access movement records across Australia’s border
  • Movement Alert List (MAL)
  • Advance Passenger Information
  • Regional Movement Alert System (RMAS)

See > Monitoring people movement